In today’s increasingly technical environment, it is imperative that small highly specialized firms form alliances with each other to gain the “competitive edge”. RainDrop Networks’ Partner Program is based on a very simple premise:


  • You do what you do best : Software and Consulting
  • Let us do what we do best : Cloud Hosting Services


You derive the majority of your profit from selling your software and services – not staying on top of the latest trend in Cloud Technology and Security Threats. RainDrop’s expertise is in providing the entire solution, from the Endpoint of the user to the Endpoint of the Cloud infrastructure (E2E). We don’t leave you with the headaches of configuring the Cloud Server or dealing with end-user hardware issues.


  • Increase your Profits by Partnering with RainDrop Networks
  • Reduce your support calls by roughly 20%
  • Spend more time selling your software while shortening your selling cycle.
  • Don’t provide half a solution like the majority of Cloud providers.
  • Provide a complete end to end solution (E2E)
  • Become a complete solution provider.
  • Present a larger technical presence for your organization.
  • Profit from RainDrop Engineers' combined decades of networking expertise
  • Profit from our years of Cloud Expertise; application service provider since 1999!

Software Reseller Benefits

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