RainDrop Reimagines Cloud Computing

RainDrop is a state of the art, compact, highly secure, multi-factor cloud computing device ideal for the small to medium size business end user. Ultra secure, extremely powerful, and ready to plug-and-play today.


Welcome to RainDrop!

RainDrop was created explicitly for Cloud Computing. It is a state-of-the-art, compact, highly secured computer designed specifically for the Business end-user to connect to a single Cloud Provider of their choice. It is preconfigured at our factory; simply plug in it, turn it on, enter your login credentials and you’re connected! RainDrop supports the majority of business applications and is ideal for Small to Medium size businesses with limited IT budgets or resources.

RainDrop Architecture

RainDrop is not your typical PC or want-to-be thin client. It is a state-of-the-art highly secured end user cloud computing device. RainDrop takes full advantage of Intel’s Core i5 Processor, runs a blazing fast Solid State Drive and packs enough power to handle the most demanding business applications.

Raincryption Technology

Each RainDrop comes with patented RainCryption technology which is ultra-secure, providing true Multi-factor authentication. In addition to your user name and password, three unique keys must be verified before access is granted to your Cloud Applications and Data.

Virtually Virus Proof

RainDrop is specifically engineered to be virtually virus proof. The operating system is “hardened”, making it nearly impossible for a virus infection to penetrate. We are so confident in our design that ANY virus infection is covered by our 5 Year Advance Replacement Warranty.

No Porous Port

RainDrop greatly reduces the threat of data breaches by eliminating the porous ports found on the average end user’s computer. RainDrop’s Operating System was engineered to have NO USB memory stick support of any kind and NO writable optical drive support either.

What is RainDrop?

RainDrop Benefits

Green and Clean

RainDrop uses roughly 75% LESS electricity than the average. By mounting to the back of your monitor, RainDrop takes up NO valuable desktop space and won’t get kicked like a normal PC under the desk. With only three cables and its wireless keyboard and mouse, there is no rats’ nest of tangled cables either!

Five Year Warranty

Each RainDrop comes with an unprecedented 5 Year Next Business Day Advance Replacement Warranty. This covers RainDrop itself, mouse, keyboard and any kind of virus infection. RainDrop’s warranty has you covered – minimizing downtime and maximizing your investment dollars!


Raindrop is truly plug and play! The average end user can complete the installation in less than 15 minutes – NO technical knowledge or IT support required. It is preconfigured at the factory – just plug in the provided power, Ethernet and monitor cables, then simply turn it on.

One Cloud = Total Control

Raindrop’s patented technology is engineered to connect with only one chosen secure cloud provider. Considering there are 3,706,452,992 routable public IP address in the world, you don’t know where your employees will go. RainDrop’s “closed architecture” puts you back in control.

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